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  • FG Resonate-style Composite-vibrating Screen Series
    FG Resonate-style Composite-vibrating S...

    Patented product of Landsky,this screen series is applied double degree of freedom resonance principle and designed to utilize a single vibrating resource (vibrating motors) to drive whole screen to generate composite-vibration.It is adapted to the fine materials wet classification and dewatering work in beneficiation, coal prepara-tion, nonmetal industry and other industries. According to site requirements, 1 to 5 stacks screen can be designed.

  • FMVS Composite-vibrating Screen Series
    FMVS Composite-vibrating Screen Series

    FMVS Composite-vibrating screen series The vibration on deck is jointly done by two systems: linear and electromagnetic exciters. With a strong intensity and a high frequency(50Hz), electromagnetic vibration makes the material down the sieve easily; with a large amplitude, a low frequency(16 or...

  • Polyurethane Screen Mesh
    Polyurethane Screen Mesh

    Polyurethane Screen Mesh(PU Screen Mesh) has excellent physical and mechanical properties, high strength, high elasticity, in particular abrasion resistance in the case of wet milling condition which is 10 times that of steel mesh. Different aperture is available.Typical dimension:700x1045mm

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